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Monday, August 15, 2011

Rhino Stampede!!

Here's a Rhino that I did for the EOC sketchbook Challenge. (man I need a scanner).

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Swamp Thing

OK. I have to admit that I've never read Swamp Thing. I also have to admit that I have no interest in Swamp Thing. I lastly have to admit that he's realllly fun to draw. This was for my very first Summit City Ink sketch post.

Venom (after Todd)

I once thought that the now classic of Spider-man #1 cover by Todd McFarlane always lent itself to doing versions with other Spidery characters. Hope this works...

Kraven the Hunter (not one of his kids)

Here's a sketch of "savage" Kraven. Kraven is a cool character and I wish that he wasn't dead in the 616. Oh well...anything can happen in comics. It gave me a chance to rip off Steven Platt's "jungle shading style" that he used in the old Rob Liefeld published Fighting American comics.


This one is actually Bart Hamilton. Tommorrow it will be Harry Osborn, then the day after that it will be Norman Osborn. Due to technical difficulties, these are being taken with my wife's Ipod Camera (sorry for the quality)


Here's another Kickstarter incentive from Low Concept. Blurrry spot is courtesy of my crappy/defective new camera. (gggrrrrrr)

Chewbacca!!! What a Wookie!!!

Here's Chewie from the EOC sketchbook Challenge.

SCUD the disposable Star Wars fan?

Here's a sketch that I did for the Low Concept kickstarter campaign

Panel in progress

Here's a panel from the EOC Anthology, "Low Concept". Original art was eventually gifted to the inspiration for the "Hulking" character, Mr. Vince Bonavoglia from 11 o'clock Comics.

Not a sketch

Here's a pic of me hangin' out with some of the 11 o'clockers at the Hero Initiative reception at C2E2 2011. Left to right are Jason Wood, Chris Neseman, Mario Muscar, Chris Campbell, and me. Yeah, that's Jeph Loeb in the background.

The final SpaceBoy

Here's my final pencils for SpaceBoy. My pal John Cardinal ended up inking a Blue Line copy of this piece (which is in my office btw).

Spaceboy in Progress

This is a photo of a SpaceBoy commission that I did for Chris Neseman (actually it was a gift). The only other person who's seen the piece at this stage is my friend John Cardinal (an amazing artist btw).


Here's one of my favorite characters. I hate drawing him though.

Mr. Monster loves Poison Ivy?

Here's a sketch that I did for the Valentine's Day edition of the EOC Sketchbook Challenge. Gifted to David Price at C2E2 2011.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Here's another sketch from the EOC sketchbook Challenge.

Captain America

Here is a sketch that I did for the very first EOC Sketchbook Challenge. I gifted this to Mark at Dark Tower Comics in Chicago.

Dr. Strange

Here's a Dr. Strange from my BIIIIGGG 11"x17" Blue Line Pro Sketchbook. Did this one way back in 2001 (I think.